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Here at Loughborough University we endeavor to meet the curriculum needs of your school. However, if there are any other specific workshops that you would like us to cover please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Sports Nutrition (Overview)

Sport Nutrition

Sports Psychology (Overview)


Fitness Testing- Field-Based

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Fitness Testing- Lab-Based (16+) Please note that we can only have 12 pupils in the lab at one time and thus these sessions are available on request, particularly if you would require more than one session. Please contact us for more information.


Sport Science Support

A Day in the Life of an Elite Athlete

** NEW WORKSHOP** Performance Lifestyle

We have now added Performance Lifestyle to the wide range of workshops we offer on the School Visit Programme. Performance Lifestyle is a support service that enables athletes sporting and academic lives to work together and complement each other for the benefit their well-being and sporting performance. The workshop can cover:

If you think your group would benefit from a Performance Lifestyle workshop then book in with one of our  trained practitioners.


Strength and Conditioning (16+)

Please note that we can only have 12 pupils in the gym at one time and thus these sessions are available on request, particularly if you would require more than one session. Please contact us for more information.


In addition to academic workshops, students will be given the chance to participate in a range of team games and be coached by Loughborough students who have gained coaching qualifications and training in their chosen sports. The following sports are available alongside the above workshops:


You may have watched Handball in the Olympics and wondered what on earth you were actually watching! It’s fast, frantic and played by over 15 million people worldwide. The Handball workshop is an opportunity for students to put to use some of the world class sporting facilities and experience a different sport delivered by our own Loughborough Sport Coaches. They will be coached through the basic skills needed to play Handball before getting to test those skills with some competitive games.


This interactive workshop will give students the opportunity to be coached by Loughborough Sport coaches and learn the skills required to be a volleyball player. It will also give them first hand experience of the world class sporting facilities that Loughborough is renowned for. During summer term Beach Volleyball is an option on our BeachPark subject to availability.



Dodgeball is a game that is simple to play, quick to pick up and a lot of fun. This interactive workshop will be delivered by Loughborough Sport coaches within one of the university’s world class facilities. Students will be coached through the skills required to become champion dodgeball players.

Ultimate Frisbee

This workshop offers an introduction to the fast growing sport of Ultimate. This is a non-contact team field sport played with a flying disc and students will be coached through the skills needed to understand and play the sport before putting what they have learnt into practice with some games.

Fitness Class

This is an opportunity for pupils to participate in a fitness class of your choice, led by a Loughborough University qualified gym instructor. Classes can be as intense or light as preferred. whether it be a body balance yoga class or a body pump aerobics class, pupils will experience what it’s like for University students who participate in such classes on a regular basis.

Please note that when making a booking it is important that you make us aware of your current position in terms of curriculum and where your students stand in relation to the subjects they are being taught so that the sessions can be tailored to your students’ needs.