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Intramural Sport Intramural Sport

Women’s 5-a-side Football

Venue: Loughborough College (Radmoor Centre)
Time: Sundays 1pm-4pm
• There will be 5 players on a pitch at any one time, 1 Goalkeeper and 4 Outfield. There may be up to 8 in a squad.
• Rolling subs is allowed – Unless in the case of a GK where the referee must be notified during a break in play (e.g. after the ball has gone out of play)
• Players should wear Shinguards.
• Anyone that has represented the university in any form of football competition or train with the AU squad cannot take part in IMS. See eligibility rules here. 
The game: 
• 20 minutes each way with a 5 minute half time
• Fixtures must take time within the allotted time.
• Matches will be played in accordance with FA Small sided rules unless otherwise stated. Goalkeepers must only handle the ball inside the box and players should use the court boundaries inside the radmoor centre.
• The first named hall is responsible for collecting match equipment.
• Any red card should be reported by the referee in charge to Ned Birss
• The ball is allowed to be played off the barricades of the playing area
• A direct (can shoot on goal) or indirect (must touch another player) free kick or penalty can be rewarded for infringements.
• Sliding tackles are not allowed.

We will endeavour to cover all games with a referee. However, there will be times when this is not possible. In this case please ensure you self-officiate fairly and professionally.

All participants take part at their own risk.