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Volunteer Zambia


The Wallace Group is a group of 7 UK Higher Education Institutions (Bath, Cardiff Metropolitan, Durham, Loughborough, Northumbria, St Andrews and Stirling) that have for the past 12 years shared commitment to support the development of sport in Zambia through the ‘Volunteer Zambia’ project and the Wallace Group is expanding its horizons to provide greater support to the Zambian Government and other key stakeholders in implementing an exciting new Zambian sports strategy.

Throughout the 12 years the Wallace Group have worked closely with Sport in Action (SIA) as the principal in-country partner. This support will continue as they drive forward both sports development and sport for development initiatives across Zambia. Together they will be working in collaboration and continuing shared commitment to the establishment and sustainable practices of both international and sport development.

Volunteer Zambia’s focus will now be to invest in building capacity within sport development. This will include supporting the development of more effective talent pathways in key sports, initially volleyball and netball and in developing the skills of young Zambians especially in coaching and coach education, officiating, leadership and wider sports volunteering.  Volunteer Zambia will do this by encouraging the sharing of expertise, knowledge and experience between UK staff and students and their Zambian counterparts. The emphasis will be on building the capacity in country to create sustainable opportunities for people to play and progress in sport.



Loughborough University & Volunteer Zambia

 Zambia1Over the past 12 years, Loughborough University have recruited,selected, trained and deployed a number of student sports coaches and staff members. Here’s a few recent students:

2017 Volunteer Zambia Team:




Please support the 2017 Volunteer Zambia Team by donating HERE! Thank You! 




In light of the new strategy and focus, newly amended and highly developmental ‘Student Sport Development Officer’ roles have been created to help to achieve the ambitions of the Wallace Group. This gives 6 Loughborough students the opportunity to undertake wider volunteering roles within sport. These include:


zambia2What does being a ‘Student Sport Development Officer’ within Volunteer Zambia involve?


 Being part of Volunteer Zambia is a big commitment. It’s hard work, time consuming and requires a full 12 month commitment. This includes:



A detailed copy of the role description can be found HERE and the application form can be found HERE.

Applications for 2017 have now closed. Applications for 2018 will open in September 2017.

Please email Cath Harvey for more details.



 How can you get involved in Volunteer Zambia?

As a Loughborough University student, in order to be selected to be 1 of the 6 Volunteer Zambia students, you must be able to provide demonstrable experience and commitment in one of the sport development areas outlined above.

In October each year a briefing session is held whereby any student with an interest in becoming a volunteer, or who has been identified and nominated by Loughborough Sport can find out more. Following the briefing session, applications will open. This will then be followed by shortlisting and both a practical and formal interview (where relevant). Once selected the 6 students work closely together alongside the selected staff member from Loughborough University in preparation for going to Zambia the following summer.



Would you like to be one of Loughborough University’s Volunteer Zambia ‘Student Sport Development Officers’ in the summer of 2018?

Unfortunately applications are now closed for Zambia 2017. Keep visiting this page for details of 2018, or email Cath Harvey for more details.

If you would like more information about the project, follow the Wallace Group on Facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE.