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Why should I swipe my card?

There are loads of reasons to #SwipeMe whilst doing sport or physical activity on campus!

All indoor facilities have a #SwipeMe student card scanner. They look like this:


By swiping your card to log your attendance, you can not only win GREAT prizes, but you’re also helping Loughborough Sport understand what students want, so that they can better provide even better sports and physical activity opportunities!


Each month Loughborough Sport will be randomly selecting students that have swiped in to a session to win their choice of prizes such as: 2,500 LSU points, stash, event tickets, or vouchers (all prizes worth £50!). The prize draws will take place on the last working day of each month, and winners will be notified by email.
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What do our students think about #SwipeMe?

AU Archery Club Chair, Ben Clark: “By having members swipe in we were able to show that our top performers were also the people that attended training most often, which says a lot about the quality of our sessions”.

au archery

My Lifestyle Badminton:  “Last year we demonstrated consistently high attendance rates which meant we were given an extra slot on the new My Lifestyle timetable!”


AU Trampoline Club Chair, Emma Blundell: “I want to be able to reward club commitment and high attendance – #SwipeMe will help me do that.”


IMS Committee Chair, Keziah Green: “No shows at IMS fixtures are so frustrating. #SwipeMe will help us reduce this by spotting and addressing the problem when it happens.”

Cayley IMS

Performance Sport Scientist, Nathan Miller: “We’ll be able to look at athlete’s sport science information alongside their attendance at training, which will help us track and monitor loading and injury risk”.


How does the Loughborough Sport use my data?

At Loughborough, we pride ourselves on our outstanding sporting offer. Not only are we consistently the highest ranked University in the BUCS league, but we also have unrivalled opportunities for students to participate in sport and physical activity whatever their ability. By collecting data using student card scanners in our facilities, we can accurately track and monitor participation habits of our students. This information helps us to continually improve our sports offer to suit the demand of our students, and to ensure we communicate effectively so that all students have the opportunity to find their place in sport. In order to maximise the benefits of collecting this data, we will combine attendance data with students’ demographic information to help us further tailor our offer and communication strategies. Demographic information is obtained via the University Registry and Loughborough Students Union and provides us with valuable insights about student sports habits. This information is accessed only by Loughborough Sport and project partners. You can find out more information about how the University use your data here. If you do not want your data to be included in Loughborough Sport reports, you can opt out by emailing your name and ID number to If you have not opted out, you may receive promotional communications about opportunities we think you may be interested in. You can unsubscribe from these communications using the unsubscribe link in the email at any time.