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Why Loughborough? Why Loughborough?

Playing Sport

Whatever your previous sporting prowess or experience, we have an opportunity to suit you. From simply turning up and playing sport for fun, right through to performing for the University in BUCS and in National Leagues, we will help you to get involved with sport at Loughborough.

Playing for fun

The depth of the sporting offer is huge at Loughborough and if you simply want to play sport for fun then we have a range options available to you:

My Lifestyle Activities – Free sports sessions each week, where you can simply turn up and play. We also have a full programme of fitness classes which run throughout the year, and are free for students to attend with a gym membership. All equipment is provided for you and this is very welcoming to all participants with the main aim being recreation and fun.

Recreational Parks – We have four recreational parks on campus which are open for use between 7am-11pm, every day! There is no booking required, and you can just turn up and play with your mates. These are ‘Ball Park‘, ‘Beach Park‘, ‘Games Park‘ and ‘Paddock Pitch Up‘ (grass surface).

Individual Pursuits – Loughborough is one of the biggest single site University campuses in the country and therefore lends itself very well to using the environment. You can join one of our two fantastic on-campus gyms, go running or swimming in our 50m pool.

Playing to compete

If you enjoy sport at the moment and play for your school, a club or county then there are currently two main options that may best suit you:

Hall Sport (Intra-Mural Sport) – This is a regular semi-competitive programme with over 40 different sports and 60 fixtures a week, where Halls of Residence compete against each other. The mainstream sports provide a good level of competition, whilst alternative sports such as Ultimate Frisbee and Canoeing give you a great opportunity to try something new. This programme is free and teams are based within your Halls of Residence (living accommodation).

University Sport (AU Clubs) – We have over 50 Athletic Union sports clubs, who compete in BUCS against other Universities, and in regional and national leagues. There are two main memberships in this section: team and development so if you are wanting to compete or improve then here you will have access to regular training and competition as part of your membership. Visit the Athletic Union website for more details.

Playing to perform

This is the highest level of sport at Loughborough, regarded as performance level where you may be competing nationally or internationally. Here you could fall into either two main areas:

Athletic Union – Some of the top performing Athletic Union clubs will have some elite athletes that make up a percentage of the club whereby they will compete for the club and train on a very regular basis not just in University competition but also in national leagues.

Performance Sport – There are 13 supported sports that the Athletic Union clubs feed into. Facilities, coaches, training programmes, athlete support services and administrative support are available to those participating in the Performance Sports Programmes at Loughborough.

And another thing…

We’re not all about being involved with organised sports. The sports facilities at Loughborough are vast and students have the opportunity to book facilities for their own use, or just turn up and play on one of the many recreational facilities on campus.