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As an elite performance squad Loughborough Triathlon have access to the Sports Science Services provided on campus. These include:

Strength and Conditioning

Our Strength & Conditioning coaches work with our elite university athletes, and can also provide support to external teams and squads. Our coaches can assist with all aspects of conditioning training, from improving specific aspects such as strength and power, speed, agility and general conditioning, as well as working to enhance athletes’ robustness and reduce injury risk.


Physiology is the science of how living things work. Exercise physiology is the science of how the body responds to sport or physical activity. Having an understanding about your own physiology, or fitness, will help you ensure that you train in the right way to see improvements in your fitness


We offer a range of services to help you get the most out of sports nutrition for health and performance. No matter whether you’re trying to improve your sports performance, lose or gain body weight, or just feel more healthy and energised, we can help.

Physiotherapy and Massage

Due to the varied levels of performance, we tailor each treatment to the individual, obtaining a thorough medical history relating to the presenting problem and perform a full assessment to determine the cause and to develop an appropriate treatment and rehabilitation programme.