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Tennis Tennis



The development tier of the club aims towards players who have an interest and background in tennis and wish to continue to a good standard at University.

What is the offer?

Monday: 20.30-22.30 – Men and women’s training session led by qualified LTA coach, often apart of the student committee. This session looks at the technical and tactical aspect of tennis with the session focussing on the development of players in the areas they wish to work on.

Thursday 19.00-20.30 – Men’s training session. Similar to the women’s session this will focus on the matchplay aspect of the game, with a clear focus on match experience.

Cost: £52.50 (2016/2017)

Development sec

Ed Hawkins:



The recreational tier is aimed towards students who want to play casual tennis, they may even be knew to the sport. This sector is a great way of becoming part of an AU club and a great way of making new friends if you are new to the University.

What is the offer?

Monday:19.30-20.30 – Recreational Cardio: Cardio tennis is a fantastic way of getting involved in tennis and trying to stay fit at the same time. Tennis played to music with fitness activities in between. A great way of meeting new friends and keeping healthy!

Monday: 20.30-22.30 – This session is based upon what the students want. If it is a case they simply want to play points amongst each other then the recreational sec (Alex) will help facilitate this. If the group would prefer to have an element of coaching to the session then this will also be offered.

Friday: 21.00-22.30 – Opportunity to play more tennis for recreational members. Similar format to Monday, led by Alex content decided by students.

Cost: £27.50 (2016/2017)

Recreational sec

Alex Tucker:

Any questions? Please use our ‘get in touch’ page to make contact with us or email our student representatives.