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Wednesday 11th February – Women’s 2nd Team vs Nottingham 1st Team

Michaela Knespl, as one of performance 2nd team players, claimed her singles victory in straight sets 6-2 6-2, in Wednesday’s BUCS league match against Nottingham 1st team.

“I tried to attack more today, and still be consistent and solid in my game”, she said.

From South London, Michaela started to play when she was 5, and played AASE (16-18 years) and some British tours before she came to Loughborough. Having been Loughborough University since undergraduate (English major), Michaela is now studying part-time MSc Sport Management in Loughborough, and worked as a Uni Tennis Coordinator. Until now, Michaela has played for Loughborough for 4 years, “I love playing here, and our team players are getting closer and closer,” she said. When talking about the best moment in her tennis career,” last year’s winning of singles against Durham was quite memorable for me, because I was playing the deciding point, and I narrowly won in three sets”, she said.

Talking about Michaela’s game, “my favorite shot and weapon would be my forehand down the line; instead of just playing defensively, now I try to play more aggressive, get the right position and step in,” she said. How about preferred court category? “I like to play on the outdoor hard court, and clay” When talking about the favorite player, “I like Serena Williams, and Nadal as they never give up, true fighters!”

In addition to tennis, Michaela also enjoys “clubbing”, running, and attending fitness activities. Although she needs to train 4 times a week, it’s still flexible for her as she can adjust her time well between work, study and training.

When talking about her plan after graduation, “I would like to take some sport management related jobs, no specific at this moment,” she said.

Best Wish! Michaela


Wednesday 11th February – Men’s vs Portsmouth 1st Team

Ryan Lambert, or Lambo called from friends, claimed his singles and doubles (with Charlie) victories in Wednesday’s BUCS league match against Cambridge 1st team.

“I feel quite pleased about my play today, especially my serve,” he said.

Ryan, who is now studying English and Sport Science at the 2nd year, started to play tennis at the age 6, and was trained in Ipswich Sports Club. He was playing AASA (16-18 years) and a couple of British tours early, and now is one of tennis performance team players of Loughborough University. “I enjoy being a part of tennis team and playing for Loughborough, and I continue to improve my game thanks to our coach, James”, he said. During his tennis career, his winning of doubles in 2014 BUCS league Final was his most unforgettable match so far. This year, he sets the goal, not personally, but wants their team to stand out of box league.

When talking about his game, Ryan’s favorite shot is his forehand passing shot, and his ability to get balls back makes his game stable and consistent. “All you need is determination when playing against your opponents”, he said. Among various courts, Ryan likes grass court more, “it just suits my game”.

Besides tennis, Lambo also likes watching football game, and is supporting his hometown’s team, Ipswich. Talking about his favorite player, “probably Federer, because of his achievement, and he is still good at his age now”, he said.

At the end of interview, Ryan wants to show his appreciation to his coach, Jeremy Cowley;” he has coached me for 7 years before I come to Loughborough, and I really appreciate for what he has done to me”, he said.

Good Luck! Ryan