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BUCS Super-league weekend report

Our Marketing and Communications team took time out with some of the Loughborough Tennis Men and Women during the BUCS Super-league weekend to get their thoughts on the weekends action, the Lufbra Tennis programme, the atmosphere amongst the team, what it means to be participating in the BUCS Super-league as well some pre- or postgame rituals.

The women’s thoughts on Saturday’s doubles matches:

“Even though we lost, we played really well in the doubles. It was really tight, we were 5-2 down in the first set and were able to come back for the third set.” – Natalie Haden Scott

The singles matches ended much better with 4 wins:

“There was a really great team atmosphere in the singles. Everyone was supporting us, which was really nice, that boosted us and it was awesome having a coach on each court, this certainly helped us win all 4 of our singles matches.”- Olivia Sofroniou

They also spoke highly of the tennis programme at Loughborough:

“The programme here is really good, for fresher’s and for those who are further along with their studies. The morning training sessions are really good because we can still make 9am lectures and it gets us up in the morning.”- Olivia Berry

“The atmosphere amongst the team is brilliant.  As fresher’s, when we first came to Lufbra everyone welcomed us with open arms. We even stayed over at Nat’s House!” – Olivia Berry     

Summary  of the women’s Sunday matches:

Our girls drew against Bath University. It is a great result given that Bath University has a strong team. The Loughborough team won in one doubles match and in two singles matches.   

Emily Rodbourne put on a great performance in her individual match – “The first set was really good, I felt I was dominant on the court. Although the second set was more tight, I managed to win in two sets. We are all  really happy with the team result. Bath are really good so whenever we draw with them or Durham that a positive result.”

The opportunity that was given to Christina Pozerskis to play for the first team was greatly appreciated and even though she lost her individual match it was a great experience for her –  “Leading after the first set I started to feel tired and I think this may have been a reason for the loss. However, I am still very satisfied with my performance. The help that I got from the whole coaching staff and the crowd being on my side gave me confidence to move forward.”


The men’s thoughts on Saturday’s  performance:   

“Yesterday we got off to a terrible start. We lost both doubles matches in a third set tiebreak, so we were 2-0 down before the singles, which means we needed all 4 to get the win, that was tough, didn’t quite pull it off as James lost in 3 sets unfortunately, but we got 3 wins out of that which was very good.” – Gavin McKinlay

“Gav and Shep live together and a few of the boys want to try move in together next year so everyone’s good mates and gets along.”- James Kirkpatrick

The Sunday’s men’s summary:

After battling hard to get an overall draw against the University of Exeter yesterday, in the Sunday`s final match against University of Sterling, Loughborough`s George Houghton came up short in his singles match resulting in an overall score 4-8 for the opposition. Great effort all around from the boys despite the unfortunate result.

What competing in the BUCS Super-league weekend means to the boys in the words of George Houghton:

“We got promoted last year so it is the National League so this is the top 6 teams in the country. Its better than the previous league because we had to go down to the National Tennis Centre, but here with the Super-league weekends, we get to play here at Loughborough so the atmosphere is much better, having the girls and others here to support us.”

Pre- and post match rituals:

“Post game? Depends if we win or loose. I have to have the same stuff, like 2 bananas, 3 drinks, a little bit of music before I go on, a good warm up 2 pairs of socks.” – James Kirkpatrick & George Houghton


Special thanks to all the players and staff who contributed to a great weekend and making the Loughborough family proud.