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Liam Tancock Quote

When I looked for my University of choice, Loughborough stood out head & shoulders above all of the other options.

The programmes structure is one of the best around, it allows all swimmers to be part of a world renowned programme with world class facilities and international coaches for each group. The University has over the last 20 years continually developed swimmers into athletes who have medalled at every major National and International championship.

In addition to this success, Loughborough have continued to be the team to beat at the University Championships.

So if you want to gain a prestigious degree whilst having fun and swimming fast, I would strongly encourage you to select Loughborough as your University of choice.
Good Luck!

Liam Tancock

see below the thoughts from one of our recently retired swimmers.

I came to visit Loughborough and knew that for me, if I seriously wanted to carry on with my swimming and get a degree this would be the only place to do it. Mainly because the swimming and the studies are integrated, the whole environment enables you to succeed in both, as well as meeting new people and experiencing the University lifestyle.
The pool is a short walk from where you live in first year and all the swimmers live together which helps with getting up for morning training; getting to know people on the team and finding the balance between training and studies.
The training when I came to Loughborough was very different to what I had experienced at my home club, a more junior, generic metres based programme to a more specific, senior programme at Loughborough.
The training and the whole environment really revitalised my enjoyment of swimming.

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