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William Morris – Swimmers Block

william morris

The athletic environment outside of training and competition has long been recognised as one of a number of critical factors in the achievement of world class performances. The Sports Development Centre in association with the Student Accommodation Centre endeavours to provide a living environment that meets the specific needs of our swimmers.

William Morris is in the East Park area of campus, and has been identified as the closest accommodation to our ‘Pool of Dreams’, and also has easy access to all of the major sports facilities and support services, including the Performance Centre, which contains the recently refurbished Powerbase strength and conditioning gym, and our sports science and sports medicine services. Due to the training schedules of our fast swimmers, accommodation in our William Morris block can only be allocated to those recommended by the swimming coaches, so it is them you should contact in the first instance if you are interested in this accommodation.

Click here for William Morris April 2015 leaflet