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At Loughborough University Swimming Pool, we don’t just facilitate elite level swimming and club activities. We also provide a great range and availability of public swimming sessions in the form of Recreational Swimming, Lane Swimming and Swimming Classes which benefit the community as a whole.

Our Recreational, Lane Swim and Aqua Jogging sessions are all included in the cost of a Swimming Pool or Gym membership. Adult swimming lessons must be booked in advance and incur an extra charge, as do Aqua Aerobics classes. All timetabled sessions are open to membership holders and community members alike.

We aim to make swimming timetables available for both the current and subsequent week to allow customers adequate time to organise their visit.

Please note: Times can be subject to change at short notice.

Weekly Timetables

Click the links below to see our timetables for the current and subsequent week


(Now using a colour-code system for easy viewing of sessions. Please see the key below for a description of what these colours represent).

Timetable Key

Lane Swim 25m
Aqua Jogging 25m
Lane Swim 50m
Aqua Jogging 50m
Aqua Aerobics
Children’s Swimming 
Adult Swimming Lessons

For any queries please call 01509 226200 or email