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Drowning Prevention Week

With summer on the way, a good knowledge of water safety is more important than ever. This course is an opportunity for parents to get their children educated on the importance of safety in and around the water, including both swimming pools and open water. The course will consist of classroom-based water safety, land-based and water-based games and fun activities, as well as basic first aid training.

This very short course keeps things fun for the children, whilst also teaching them important lessons and skills for keeping themselves and those around them safe.

Next Summer Course: TBC


Distance Swim

The distance swim is an opportunity for parents to bring their children along to a drop-in session where they can swim whatever distances they are comfortable with and receive badges and certificates as a reward. The session itself is free to participate in and the only cost comes from the certificates. Your child is welcome to swim as many different distances as they like between 9am and 11:30am and they will be assisted by some of our finest elite-level swimmers.

This session is open to children who participate in our term-time classes as well as those who don’t.

Please note that this session is only open to those who are in red hat classes (approx. 7 years old) and above. This session will take place in 2.0m deep water only and is not suitable for those in Yellow or Green hats or children who are not competent in deep water.

So come along, we look forward to seeing you here for some traditionally Fast Swimming!

Next Distance Swim: Saturday 31st March 2018


Crash Course

This is a chance for your child to get some swimming practice in during the holidays and prepare for the next term. The sessions are taught by trainee teachers and as such are offered at a discounted price.
They run in one hour classes  each day at 10:30 – 11:30. These classes follow a similar structure to our term-time classes but there is more flexibility with movements between classes depending on a child’s ability. It is not required that a child wishing to participate in this course is already swimming with us in our term-time swim school.

Next Crash Course: 27th – 29th March and 3rd April to 5th April




For any further details, please contact our team through email at or call us on 01509 226200.