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Performance Triathlon

Drawn from the AU club, the high-performance contingent of Loughborough triathlon offers an intensive training environment for those competing at the top level of the sport. Athletes are supported by 16 full time coaches/performance managers and 20+ part time coaches. Support services include sport science, strength & conditioning and sports medicine. Performance sport athletes are offered lifestyle support, as well as sports scholarships.

Performance Triathlon


AU Club

The union club is currently 85 members strong, and is consistently at the forefront of BUCS multisport events. Members have represented GB at the age-group level, and many go on to progress through the performance pathways within Loughborough triathlon. The AU club caters to all abilities, welcoming all those with a passion for the sport.

AU Triathlon



Compete for your halls of residence in intra-mural sport in a one off event during the year.

IMS Aquathlon



According to the needs identified by the Head of each Sport Programme, there may be placements available in triathlon. Likely positions to be required are Performance Analysis, Sports Sponsorship, Assistant Team Manager, Sports Coordinator as well as more (as required.)