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Performance Sport

These are supported by 16 Full Time coaches/Performance Managers and 20+ part  time coaches. The support services include sport science, strength & conditioning and sports medicine. Performance sport athletes are offered lifestyle support and Sports Scholarships are available for top athletes.

Performance Netball


AU Club

The netball club at Loughborough University is one of the highest achieving and dominating clubs across the UK. The reputation for excellence in the standard of netball as well as the ability to enjoy recreationally attracts and encourages hundreds of girls each and every year to partake in physical activity as well as providing competitive environments. There is something for everyone who wants to get involved in Loughborough netball from BUCS premier league to Intramural sports, as well as coaching and volunteering opportunities to all.

AU Netball



Compete for your halls of residence in Intramural sport (IMS) in competitions throughout the year. It’s a great way to get involved in Hall life and meet new people in a more social and less competitive environment.

IMS Netball


My Lifestyle

Get back into the game… Sessions are coach led and cover basic skill development and court play. The emphasis of these sessions is on learning new skills and having fun playing Netball with friends. Whether it is about rediscovering sporting abilities you forgot you had or about getting active again, these sessions cater for all abilities.

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According to the needs identified by the Head of each Sport Programme, there may be placements available in some of the following Performance Sport clubs: Hockey (Mens and Womens), Rugby Union, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Rowing, Football, Swimming, Athletics, Netball, Triathlon. Likely positions to be required are Performance Analysis, Sports Sponsorship, Assistant Team Manager, Sports Coordinator as well as more as required.