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The club is a fantastic way to improve confidence, increase fitness and meet new people. The club’s packed social calender as well as professional trainers and friendly members will ensure that joining is an enjoyable experience. The club does not tolerate big egos or attitudes, making it a great place to learn and improve.

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Not everyone interested in boxing wants to join a club or box competitively, and for many people the training side is appealing but not the contact form of the sport. BOX aims to provide an opportunity for everyone to take part in fitness based boxing sessions that allow everyone to experience the fitness, health and stress busting benefits of training like a boxer.




According to the needs identified by the Head of each Sport Programme, there may be placements available in some of the following Performance Sport clubs: Hockey (Mens and Womens), Rugby Union, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Rowing, Football, Swimming, Athletics, Netball, Triathlon. Likely positions to be required are Performance Analysis, Sports Sponsorship, Assistant Team Manager, Sports Coordinator as well as more as required