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Step OneDownload the App

Download the App: PROTEAM 

On iOS and Android 


Step TwoLogin

a). You can either login with your Facebook account

b). Or you can also register with your university email account!


Step ThreeCreate a team/ join your department team 

1. Create a Team (even if you are entering as an individual) or just find your department team and join as a member!

2. Each member of the team MUST also download the app and add themselves to your team


Step Four: Choose a league & pay your deposit*

Email with:

a). Your top 3 (5 for football) preferred leagues: they do fill incredibly quickly so please be aware that you may not get your first choice- check the picture below for league times (if it is in red it is no longer available)

b). Your team name (and abbreviated name)

c). Check your emails regularly as you will be emailed with the league you have been entered for and to pay your deposit* (your place will only be held for 48 hours so please pay your deposit as soon as possible)

*Due to high demand your time slot may be unavailable. You can choose to change your time slot or if the leagues are full then you shall be placed on a reserve list for if a teams pulls out of the competition.





Women’s Football Netball Tennis 3v3 Basketball
Wed: Men’s Doubles 8-9pm Tue: 9-9.45pm Tue: 7.30-8.15pm Sun: 7.30-10.30pm Wed: Mixed Singles 5-6pm Thu: 8-9pm
Fri: Mixed Singles 4-4.40pm Tue: 9.45-10.30pm Tue: 8.15-9pm   Wed: Women’s Singles 6-7pm  
Fri: Men’s Singles 4.40-5.20 Wed: 6-6.45pm     Fri: Mixed Singles 4-5pm  
Fri: Women’s Doubles 5.20-6pm Wed: 6.45-7.30pm     Fri: Mixed Singles 5-6pm  
 *Top 3 preferences Thu: 7.30-8.15pm     Fri: Men’s Singles 6-7pm  
  Thu: 8.15-9pm      *Top 3 preferences  
  Thu: 9-9.45pm        
  Thu: 9.45-10.30pm        
  Sun: 5-5.45pm        
  Sun: 5.45-6.30pm        
  Sun: 6.30-7.15pm        
  Sun: 7.15-8pm        

Step Five

Enjoy the Social Leagues Programme!

*Deposits will be returned to you at the end of the semester provided you adhere to the leagues rules & policies.