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Loughborough Sport value the feedback we receive from both pupils and teachers alike. Provided below are the comments from a teacher who brought a number of pupils for a Loughborough Sport Visit.

How did you (as a teacher and student) find the visit and the organisation of it?

As the teacher and organiser of the trip, I found the organisation of the trip surprisingly simple. Once I had the contact details of the school visit organiser from a colleague at another school, the whole process of arranging a time and the schedule for the day very easy. I had previously tried to organise a visit to Loughborough University and was told there were no opportunities for us to visit and so it was very pleasing to hear that this visit could go ahead. It was also pleasing to hear that there would be no financial costs for us or our pupils to pay, meaning the visit was accessible to all our pupils who we wished to bring.

The visit itself was extremely enjoyable from both the teacher and pupils point of view. Pupils were extremely and excited and enthusiastic prior to the trip and were not disappointed. This was reflected in the tweets pupils sent to our PE Departments Twitter account which we subsequently retweeted. Pupils were completely engaged during the visit and left Loughborough University with a much clearer vision of how university could play an important part in their lives.

What impact has it had on your students (have they gone back to school feeling inspired)?

Our pupils generally come from families where no family member has been to university so for most of our pupils, this was a brand new experience in terms of what they saw and heard about throughout the day. All pupils came back to school really enthusiastic about the prospect of university life. This was also supported by the tweets pupils subsequently sent to the PE Department and the Loughborough University Schools Sports Visit Twitter account about their visit to Loughborough University and their future aspirations. Pupils also have a greater understanding of the benefits of going to university and what is required of them to get there

Would you recommend the visit to any other schools and why?

I would highly recommend the visit to Loughborough University to other schools. The visit was hugely beneficial to our Gifted and Talented pupils; inspiring them to progress to further education. The visit consisted of theory and practical elements which pupils were able utilise immediately, as well as a campus tour to open their eyes to the environment and facilities they could be working in. As Loughborough University is one of the finest universities in Europe for sport it is also very appealing, especially as it is relatively close to our school and schools in our area. I would also recommended other schools to visit as the organisation of the trip was very straight forward due to effective communication links and the cost of the trip and lunch was covered by the university meaning no expense for pupils!

Was the day’s content relevant?

The day’s content was on the whole relevant. The campus tour gave all pupils an insight into the state of the art facilities the university has to offer and gave pupils a feel of the environment they could find themselves in. The fitness testing was also very engaging, and easy for all pupils to understand. The older pupils found the theory aspects (Sport Psychology) easier to apply to themselves and their sport than our younger pupils.

If you had to change anything what would it be?

The content of the Sports Psychology session could maybe have been differentiated to allow our younger pupils to access and apply to themselves and their sport. I think some of them struggled with the notion and language used and found it a little ‘heavy’.

I also think pupils would have been further engaged and would have really enjoyed experiencing student accommodation. I personally think this would galvanise pupils aspirations as this, along with the university’s sporting facilities, would be a complete first for pupils. I feel pupils seeing the types of accommodation they would be living in and gaining an understanding of the importance of being independent and managing their finances, would provide pupils a whole rounded experience of university life which I’m sure they would love.