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Loughborough Sport welcomes schools from all areas of the UK and encourages participation in Higher Education Institutions nationwide. In order to guarantee that your pupils benefit from their visit to Loughborough University Campus, the school visit programme requires additional information about the students you wish to bring. This is to ensure that relevant information is conveyed to pupils as well as managing the delivery of workshops as appropriate to the receiving cohort.

We aim to provide an exciting and inspirational day for pupils regardless of age group or background, however please note that if pupils do not feel comfortable in a sporting context, a school visit constructed on the academic offer at Loughborough University may be more suitable.

When  contacting us please include the information recommended below so that we can assess how appropriate the school visit will be for the pupils you plan to bring.

School Name


Pupil Age Group

Higher Education Interests

Sporting Nature/Level of Pupils

Please note: It is important to understand that workshop preferences may not always be available and are also subject to be changed at any point before your visit. This is due to the nature of the programme; workshops are predominantly led by student volunteers, masters students and student coaches and availability of such individuals is likely to change due to their academic commitments and other unforeseen circumstances. Should this happen, we will endeavor to rearrange a workshop that is of a similar nature.

We are fully booked for this academic year.  We will start taking bookings again for the 2018/19 academic year soon.