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Powerbase Re-Kit 2017 – Phase 1

What is Phase 1…?

Phase 1 of the re-kitting of Powerbase will involve the sprint corridor, free weights area, functional area and the resistance equipment.

Phase 2 will involve the lifting platforms, full and half racks.

When will each Phase take place…?

Phase 1 is scheduled to take place between Monday 21st August to Friday 25th August.  The end date is subject to change depending upon the progress made and final confirmation of the full process.  Phase 2 will be determined as soon as possible but hopefully before the start of term.

What will Powerbase look like…?

The following images are a representation of how Powerbase will look;

Key Dates…

Phase 1 will take place between Monday 21st August – Friday 25th August.  If this period is extended we will inform you as soon as we are made aware.

Powerbase will be closed and members will be able to use Holywell Fitness Centre during this period.  Community Car Park passes will be eligible for use in the Car Park by Holywell.

Members of Squads who have sessions at Powerbase and EIS Athletes should contact their Coaches to determine what effect this will have on their sessions.

Further communication on Phase 2 will be provided as soon as we are in a position to confirm dates, layouts and arrangements.