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Sports Science

breathingWelcome to Loughborough University’s Sports Science Service.

The Sports Science Service can give you training advice based on a scientific assessment of your fitness, advice on nutrition for training and competition, and provide you with mental strategies to get the best from yourself in competition.

We work out of a fully equipped state-of-the art  physiology lab.  As well as the usual lab equipment, including treadmill, SRM ergometer, blood analysers and on-line gas analysers we have an altitude chamber for altitude training or acclimation pre-high altitude climb.

Our physiology lab

Our physiology lab

Our experienced staff provide world class, expert support and advice.

We provide a welcoming environment and all of our support is tailored to suit your situation and needs.

We will answer your questions, ensure you enjoy the experience, and make sure you leave better equipped to achieve your goals, no matter what they may be.

We work with all levels of athlete, from beginners to elite and a wide range of sports as well as both individuals and teams.

So if you’d like to

Please contact us to see how we can help.

Visit our Fitness Testing page for more information about running and cycling VO2max tests.