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Fitness Testing

Our Most Popular Services Include Lab Based Fitness Tests:

bike_and_oxycon_rearWe offer a range of fitness assessments, from lab-based to field-based.

We currently provide support to a wide variety of sports people, from students, through to members of the public and elite and professional athletes.

The lab-based tests are available with exercise modes including running, cycling and rowing.

Find out:  Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max), maximal heart rate, economy, lactate thresholds and corresponding heart rates and maximal aerobic power (cycling), speed at VO2max (running).

How:   2 part assessments, maximal and submaximal.

Assessments are usually in 2 parts, a short maximal test and a longer, submaximal test, to get a complete picture of your current fitness.

Your visit would usually last 1.5 (run test) – 2.5 hours (bike test).

running measuresThe tests themselves are tailored to suit your level of fitness, so it is appropriate for all levels.

Having said that, if you are literally just starting out with exercise, you would benefit from getting some training under your belt before coming in for a test.

What You Get:  You will get some numbers to go away with on the day, and  we will also explain a lot about the numbers we are collecting during your visit.  You will have a rest between the two parts of the test and we usually we get into discussions about training and give you a chance to pick our brains!

After your visit you will receive a written report with all the numbers we collected, an explanation of what it all means and advice for your training to help you achieve your goals.  This report is personalised to you.  So if you’ve told us you can only train twice a week, we will tell you how you can maximise what you do in this time.

Who:  These tests are suitable regardless of current level of fitness, however we do recommend that if you are literally just starting out you get a few weeks of exercise under your belt first, so that you can get the most out of the tests.  Please note these assessments are purely fitness-based, they are not assessing your health or any potential medical issues.

For more information or to discuss your own requirements please contact us .