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Student View

97.2% of students completing a recent survey would recommend Loughborough to someone else within their sport

WHY? (quotes from students)

Great for improving everything to do with sport and life

Unbelievable experience

Because it is a fantastic place to develop your sport but also as a person

No where else can compare when it comes to sport and academic integration

The environment provides you with the best chance to fulfil your potential

If you want to be the best you have to come here

The coaching received here, and the environment in which it takes place, is the best in the country

Being involved in an elite set up which is geared towards top class sport has been the most fulfilling experience. Technical areas of my game have developed significantly as a result of good and detailed coaching

My coach provides me with high quality training and advice and I have had regular communication and feedback from him in order to evaluate training and set targets. Also due to his positive attitude I feel this has helped me to become a more positive person and gain confidence in my own ability