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The history of sport at Loughborough is a fascinating story.

It started with the first principal of Loughborough Colleges Herbert Schofields vision for sport which was based on his belief that a healthy body equaled a healthy mind. He also took sport in to the classroom way ahead of its time including the applied work of engineering students on the first outdoor swimming pool at Loughborough as well as the design of the Athletics Pavilion which remains today.

With its very first courses in academic sport dating back to 1930’s Loughborough now teaches some of the worlds leading courses in Sport Science, Sports Technology, Sports Management and Sports Coaching attracting some of the brightest students and leading research in those fields.

In the post war period, the College became  centre for rehabilitation for injured servicemen and women, many of whom also trained as PE teachers whilst here. This saw Loughborough trained teachers spread the sport and physical activity message across the country, and also brought competitive sport and serious sports training to campus, with huge rivalries with other teacher training colleges such as Borough Road (Brunel) and St Mary’s (Twickenham) to name but two.

With it’s established reputation for sports courses, and sports research, Loughborough attracted numerous standout athletes and sportspeople (see our Hall of Fame) such as dual international Ken Jones (Rugby and Athletics), inspirational coach Jim Greenwood, and Olympic legends such as Seb Coe.

The campus continued to develop to support sport, but it is as much to do with the student experience, and student ethos driven also by the Students Union that has helped define the success of Loughborough on the field.

With an unbeaten run of wins in the inter Universities competition (now BUCS) for over 30 years, and a stream of top level sports performers, coaches, administrators and sports scientists working at every level of British and international sport, Loughborough fully established itself as the UK’s leading sports institution.