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A very warm welcome to the Loughborough Sporting Club website.

Lord Coe

Lord Coe

The sporting achievements of Loughborough students, coaches and academics have been astonishing over the past sixty years. It is this success and tradition that ensures that Loughborough is known throughout the world as a centre of sporting excellence.

I am incredibly proud of my Loughborough connections, as I’m sure you are too. Therefore I would encourage all students and graduates to become a member of the Loughborough Sporting Club.

The Sporting Club is a unique concept designed to keep Loughborough alumni in contact with each other through a number of ‘Friends of’ individual sports groups. It provides a great platform for members to reacquaint themselves with former team mates, friends and coaches.

The Club also ensures that members are informed about developments at Loughborough and provides invitations to a range of events, including an annual celebratory dinner.

In 2012 members gathered at key sporting fixtures including the Henley Regatta and the Olympic Stadium Opening event, alongside events on campus such as the visit by the legendary Barbarians team and the Olympic Torch Relay.

Please become a member of the Loughborough Sporting Club today!


             Sebastian Coe
            President, Loughborough Sporting Club