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Friends of All Sports

This group is designed for members who have a broad interest in a number of sports, or in fact all sports at Loughborough.

Whilst all LSC members have access to all the information on the web, Friends of All Sports will have the advantage of being notified of ticket sales for specific sport events at the same time as the Friends of  that Sport (ahead of general release)  However, should an event for a specific sport event, e.g. Hockey, be likely to have limited spaces the Friends of Hockey will have priority. Generic events will be open to all at the same time.

It is not intended to form a full committee as members will have access to all the Friends Groups and can interact with those groups. Members are welcome to share concerns and ideas with the Chair of Friends Groups – David Bunker.

Please click for list of Members 
(Names will be updated bimonthly starting April 1st)