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Intramural Sport Intramural Sport

Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Basketball one day event

Mixed Competition

Venue: SDW

Points Grading: C

1. Teams

Squads of 10

6 in a team

2 girls on the court at one time

2. Game length

2 halves of 5 minutes

Running clock

Clock stops for time outs, free throws and last two minutes of the second half

2 minutes break between halves (Flexible to scenario)

3. Scoring targets

All players may shoot for a basket.

A shot attempt is defined as the ball hitting either the basket rim or the backboard.

Full sized baskets (10ft)

  1. 2 points inside 3 point line
  2. 3 points outside 3 point line

4. Fair play

Players will be given a personal foul or will be instantly fouled out of the game for rough or dangerous play. The opinion of the referee will decide the extent of the punishment.

All players attack and defend

5. Starting and re-starting the game

The game is started with a ‘tap-off’ involving one player from each team within the centre circle.  Any player may take the tap-off.

The players may tap the ball twice after the referee has tossed the ball to reach the highest point.

Neither of these players may catch the ball nor touch it again until it has touched the floor or another player (see BWB rules for starting game on website if further information required).

The second half is started by the team who lost position at the tap off (in accordance with the alternating possession rule).

6. Alternating possession

Teams will alternate in taking possession of the ball on every held-ball situation (two or more players per team have hands on the basketball at the same time).

The team that does not gain possession from the tap-off will be first to start the alternating possession process