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Waterpolo – Mens and Womens One day event

Venue: Swimming Pool

No University Water Polo Players,

No University Swimmers, Including Development squad

No University Lifesavers

No University Triathletes

Points grading: ‘C’

6 Players Minimum, Confirmed Entry Required


1. Teams will swim seven-a-side. Three substitutes will be permitted. Players may be substituted only after a goal. Failure to do so will result in a penalty.

2. It is essential that everyone involved is at the pool to register. Please ensure that team members have their University ID available.

3. The duration of the matches 6 minutes with no breaks. 1 minute change over between matches (Teams for the next match must be waiting on the sideline ready for their match).

4. Players CANNOT hold/ catch the ball with two hands as well as they cannot take the ball under the water. Any violent offence as well as contesting the referee’s decision will result in the player being excluded.

5. In the event of a tie at full time, the teams will play penalties (5m). Teams will have 3 shots each. In case of a tie after 3 penalty shots become eliminatory.

6. All matches will be played with size 4 balls

7. The AU Water Polo Club will run the competition and will provide the officials.