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Volleyball – Mixed League


1. The competition will be played on a pools basis with secondary seeded pools to provide the final placings for the competition.
2. a) Matches will consist of the best of TWO sets each of 13 minutes.
b) One point will be gained for winning a set plus a bonus point for the team scoring the most points overall, hence match scores will be either 3-0, or 2-1.
c) Teams will have a maximum of 6 players on court at one time, 3 men and 3 women at all times.
d) Substitutes will be allowed as laid down in the rules of volleyball. Each team will be allowed three substitutions per set and a single time-out per set.
e) Teams with less than 6 players may take part but cannot win matches.
f) Games must begin on time. At the referees discretion, a team will lose one game point for each minute that they are late for the start.
g) There will be an opportunity to warm up for approximately five minutes prior to the official starting time.

3. Captains will toss for choice of service or ends.

4. In the event of a tie in any of the pools as a result of considering matches won, then the results shall be determined by taking points for and against into consideration and, if necessary the result of the match between the tying halls will be used. A team gaining a walk-over will be deemed to have won 30-0.

5. The AU Volleyball Club will provide the officials for and run the competition