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Unacceptable Behaviour

Players sent off for offences within the game.

A player sent off during a match is banned from playing in that sport for the next four games – this ban to extend into the next term if necessary. Two bookings constitute a sending off and will be dealt with accordingly. Referees are required to report a sending off or booking, in writing, to the IMS exec as soon as possible. A points deduction of 10 points per person sent off will also occur, if more than one individual is sent off then multiple points deductions will occur.

If the IMS executive committee receives intelligence after a match of an incident taking place that wasn’t seen by an official or was not acted upon then appropriate action will take place, this could result in a points deduction equal to that which is previously outlined.

Certain offences or incidents may warrant witness statements from players and spectators, in this instance, the appropriate sport secs will be contacted to discuss this during a disciplinary hearing.

All the above points are made as a general rule. The IMS executive committee has the power to extend/prolong/alter bans and point deductions if they feel that the punishment is deserving of this. Sport secs are welcomed to discuss the reasons for this with the IMS executive committee.

Players or supporters before, during or after the game.

PLAYERS: There will be a match ban resulting from a written report for bad conduct; the actual ban to be decided at a full meeting of the Sports Secretaries’ Committee.

SUPPORTERS: Following a written complaint, any deduction of points will be decided by members at a full meeting of the Sports Secretaries’ Committee. [A full meeting does not mean that everyone eligible to be present has to be present.]. Points deductions will vary depending on the offence but will follow a similar protocol to that of player punishment.

Written reports to be submitted to the Programme Director or IMS executive Chairman as soon after the incident as possible. Full supporting details and, wherever possible, names should be included. Reports on players can be submitted by any player or official. Reports on spectators can be submitted by anyone present.

Any complaint which is upheld by the committee will result in a loss of Intramural points by the offending hall. A 10 point deduction is set as a guideline but sport secs should be clear that this can be reduced or increased depending on the offence.