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Team Profile: SHIVER

Pip Dickinson heads up this Shiver side which is built on the back of aggression, fear and an edge which is difficult to describe. Shiver are the most dangerous of all teams. Royce are coached and led by James Lambert & Noah Thorne and make up the spine of this Shiver team. Their team narrowly lost against Towers (the best hall in the Semester One leagues) very recently but put in outstanding performances against the likes of Faraday, Telford & Rigg Rut. For Royce their strength comes in their dynamism & flexibilty of their team. Royce are the side that have been ready to mix it up and challenge the norm in order to find their ‘perfect 13’.

Rutherford, Cayley & Holt add the edge to the team, primarily through their wingers and their speed in the back field. Both Sam Themistocleous & Aran Courtney-Walker have demonstrated their ability in Semester one and, especially for Aran, this competition provides them the opportunity to show what they have left in their locker. All three of these sides have not have the best of starts in IMS but you wouldn’t have thought when seeing Shiver train as a whole. Their team moves with fluidity and they ooze confidence. Definitely one to watch out for!