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Team Profile: PACK

For Pack its strength comes through its vast numbers and quality in depth. Pack are one and fight as one. Pack has the largest base of any Super Series team. Telford, Bill Mo & Elvyn all have in excess of 400 students in halls & Butler are by no means the smallest hall on campus. Pack are fierce, fast and dogged fighters and this is obvious when you look at the teams themselves.

Telford, hounded on by their coach (on the sidelines only through injury) Glenn May, went unbeaten through the Semester One league and downed a powerful Royce side. Telford have made Eddie Jones’ line speed look tame and are sure to put teams on the back foot from the off. Ioan Tolosano’s Elvyn bring a battle hardened edge to this team. They were pitted in a very strong pool for the first semester and are ready to pounce on their opportunity to strike back.

Bill Mo only lost one game in Semester One but have since spent far too much time in the wilderness. Likewise, Butler, championed by veteran Tj McCavera, have had to fight tooth & nail in every match. They are the only team in Pack yet to make an impact on Rugby this year, has their time finally come?


SPEED 9.5/10
FIGHT 8/10
UNITY 9/10