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Team Profile: CRASH

Crash is an organised and powerful defensive unit. Faraday (managed by the incumbent Alex Egerton-King & Nathan Higgins) & Rigg Rut lost only one game in Semester One and both teams only conceded an average 7 points per game. For Rigg Rut this has been a year to remember. This is the first time in memory that they have topped their league and progressed through to top pool. Scott Renfree-Tuck & Sam Davies under the guidance of Tom MacCuish have driven their team to new heights and make up the backbone of this CRASH side.

Both DC & Falk Egg have had limited success this semester but one thing stands out and that is the sheer determination to succeed. Rianne Hopkins & Jack Hammonds DC & Sam Franks’ Falk Egg have put in more effort and time into their training than any other hall towards the bottom end of the table. Don’t be fooled, they haven’t come here to take part they have come to shut oppositions down and grind out a result.

The combination of these 4 halls will undoubtedly create a strong and compact defensive unit. One that will make it hard to break them down and sap the energy out of the opposing team.


POWER 8/10