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Start Times

Players not turning up: 

The IMS committee has decided that, after 10 minutes of delays, a match or event must be started irrespective of the number of competitors or team members present.

If no member of a team is present (after specified time) then an uninformed walk-over can be claimed.

If a game is played after a walk-over has been claimed due to failure to arrive on time, the walk-over must be confirmed by the captains of both teams.

Games starting late must have the playing time suitably adjusted in order that the next game can start on time. It is emphasized that every effort must be made to start on time, and that these times are only laid down to avoid teams waiting around unduly before claiming the match.

Referees not turning up: 

Referees are recruited for every single IMS match (with the exception of IMS futsal), in the event of a referee not turning up to officiate at a match, it is the sport sec’s responsibility to officiate in the place of the referee. The exceptions to this is Rugby 13’s, whereby a qualified referee must be present for the match to take place.

If you believe that a referee has been appointed for your match but not turned up, please contact the IMS exec or staff members immediately and await their response before taking action in the game. If no response is forthcoming, the sport sec should officiate the match to the best of their ability (with the exception of Rugby). If no official turns up for Rugby 13’s then the match will be rescheduled.

Facility Booking Issues: 

All facilities are booked out at the start of the year by staff members at the university which should result in a minimal number of double bookings. However mistakes and glitches in the sportpad system can mean that players can turn up to a match and find the pitch to be double booked. If this happens, the first point of call for sport secs of captains should be the facility management team, usually found at a nearby reception or office, they should be able to explain the booking situation to you. If there is still confusion after this point, please contact the IMS exec who will advise you on what action to take.

Facilities can also be delayed in their set up of the pitch/court due to a backlog of bookings. If this occurs, please adjust your game time accordingly to finish as close the pre-organised end time as possible.