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 Squash – Mens and Womens Leagues

Eligibility: No University Squash Players (this includes development/rec squads)
Points Grading: A
Participants: 3 players on women’s team, 5 players on mens team.
Venue: EHB Squash Courts (Courts 1,2,3,4)
Walkover Score: 3-0 (Women) 5-0 (Men).
1. The matches will be played under the rules of the England Squash (full rules found here:
2. Both teams will play the opposing Hall, starting at the times shown (see ‘Mens Sports’ on IMS Menu)
3. Teams will consist of 5 players who should be strictly ranked according to their playing ability, both between and within the two teams. In the case of late arrival of members of either Team, the match can begin when 3 players of a team are present. Absent players must arrive within 25 minutes of the scheduled start time. Failure to do so will result in that game and all other games below them in the list, being awarded to the non-offending side.
4. For women’s fixtures, teams will consist of 3 players ranked strictly according to their playing ability. In the case of late arrival, a match can begin with 2 players present.
5. Each member of the team will play his opposite number in the ranking list in THREE games, each game being of nine up. All three games are to be played. 30 minutes is allocated for each match. Warm-up play should be kept to a minimum and change-overs effected as quickly as possible.
6. Ties in the pools will be broken by comparing the ratio of games won and lost by Halls. If necessary the result of the match between the tying halls will be used. A walk-over will represent a 5-0 win.