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Sport Secs

Below is a list of Sport Secs for each hall. Contact these sport secs if you have any questions regarding sport within your hall. Questions they’ll be able to answer for you include:

See the full list of Sport Secs below, simply find your hall and contact them!

 Hall Sports Name  Email 
Bill Mo Men’s Elliot Hooper
Bill Mo Men’s Alex One
Bill Mo Women’s Meg Horsnell
Bill Mo Women’s Nikki Sanders
Butler Men’s David Turner
Butler Men’s TJ McCavera
Butler Women’s Abitami Selvarajah
Butler Women’s Olivia Harris
Bakewell Men’s Ben Byas
Bakewell Men’s Sam Bracken
Bakewell Women’s Gabriella Light
Bakewell Women’s Rachel Dunne
Cayley Men’s Patrick Hyde
Cayley Men’s Ben Andersen
Cayley Women’s Hope Nyabienda
Cayley Women’s Katie Smith
DC Men’s Max Dorey
DC Men’s Jack Hammond
DC Women’s Alexi Paxman
DC Women’s Barney Webborn
Elvyn Richards Men’s Ioan Tolosano
Elvyn Richards Men’s Timo Pauget
Elvyn Richards Women’s Jess Bate
Elvyn Richards Women’s Sophie Pink
Faraday Men’s Paul Griffiths
Faraday Men’s Alex Egerton-King
Faraday Women’s Sophie Durman
Faraday Women’s Abi Mccreath
Falk-Egg Men’s Tim Hazzledine
Falk-Egg Men’s Sam Franks
Falk-Egg Women’s Orla Purdon
Falk-Egg Women’s Kelsie Elliot
Harry French Men’s Luke Read
Harry French Men’s Simon Taylor
Harry French Women’s Emily McCarthy
Harry French Women’s Courteney Lockley
Holt Men’s Sebastian Baranski
Holt Men’s Sam Brooker
Holt Women’s Chloe Foster
Holt Women’s Taylor Mullaney-Downer
John Phillips Mixed Isobelle Kennedy
John Phillips Mixed Esme Tuttiett
John Phillips Mixed Tadas Zemgulys
John Phillips Mixed Juan-Pablo Soto Restrepo
Rigg-Rutt Men’s Alex Harvey
Rigg-Rutt Men’s Sam Davies
Rigg-Rutt Women’s Kate Bannister
Rigg-Rutt Women’s Grace Adams
Royce Men’s Filip Simic
Royce Men’s Dan Walker
Royce Women’s Bethan Moriarty
Royce Women’s Kate Adamson
Rutherford Men’s Tom Brown
Rutherford Men’s Joe O’Gorman
Rutherford Women’s Chloe Newman
Rutherford Women’s Sophie Matthews
Telford Men’s Tom Brazier
Telford Men’s Tristan Robertson
Telford Women’s Emily Humfress
Telford Women’s Lily Glover
Towers Men’s Harvey Ferrari
Towers Men’s Joe Kendall
Towers Women’s Abi York
Towers Women’s Lilly Lee