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Softball – Mixed One Day Event & League

Softball will run in the same way as last year, with the one day event seeding teams for the league which will take place in semester 2.

Venue: Paddock Pitch (SDW for the One Day Event)

When: Wednesdays 1-4pm (for the league)

Points Grading: C

Participants: 4 females and 4 males (indoor). 5 females and 5 males (outdoor).

General Rules: 


There are five main ways of getting Outs:

  1. Catching – a batted ball before it hits the ground. Any base runners should go back to the base they were occupying when this happens.
  2. Strike out – three strikes make an out. A strike can be a swing and miss, leaving a good pitch that is called a strike or hitting a foul ball (a ball that does not go into fair territory).
  3. Out at a base – the ball is thrown to a base before the runner gets there and the fielder stands on the base while holding the ball.
  4. Tag Out – a base runner who is not touching a base is tagged (touched) by a fielder with the ball in his or her glove or hand.
  5. Missing a base – if a base runner fails to touch a base with their foot while running past it and the fielding team notices this and appeals to the umpire, the runner can be called out.