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Intramural Sport Intramural Sport


The following points should be considered when taking part in the Intramural Sport programme:


In the event of an injury or other compromising situation, security should be contacted prior to any emergency services being called. This enables the security team to inform the ambulance/emergency vehicle of the whereabouts of the situation and help can be received as quickly as possible.

The location of the nearest maroon emergency telephone should be known to all team members wherever they are playing. Also note that any internal telephone can be used to call the emergency 888 line, alternatively call 0800 526966 .

Loughborough Hospital walk-in centre is open 24 hours a day with a duty nurse and a doctor on call

Emergency number is 0845 045557 .

Qualified First Aiders are available, based at all SDC receptions (HIPAC, Pool, Holywell, Sports Reception, Tennis or Netball Centre).

Accident Reports

Any accidents requiring formal first aid, medical centre or hospital treatment as a result of participation in the Intramural Programme must be reported and a University Accident Report Form completed as soon as possible after the occurrence.

The report can be made to any of the Sports Receptions where a Recreation Assistant will take the details and complete the form. The report can be made by the injured person or, if this is not possible due to treatment, a third party. However, full details of the event, the injury, details of the injured person and names of any witnesses will be required, so please have these available.

Reports can also be made to the Sports Development Centre. Please do not try to obtain a form to complete in your own time as this is not permissible. The action is required to simply record the details as a cover in case anything unforeseen should develop from the injury.