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Intramural Sport Intramural Sport


Mixed Lacrosse: 

League Grading: A

Venue: EHB

  1. Each team will have 6 players on the field – 3 girls 3 boys, max of 12 in a squad.
  2. Can not hold the ball for longer than 5 seconds.
  3. Halls should receive their equipment from the EHB store cupboard located at the side of the pitch. Halls should ask ECB staff to unlock this each week and lock it when finished playing. Teams playing first should ensure the cupboard is unlocked and teams playing last should ensure the cupboard is locked again. Halls will be notified of the requirement to do this.
  4. You are not allowed to intentionally drop the  ball, and then pick it up in order to re-start the 5-second rule.
  5. When a ball goes out of bounds, possession is given to the nearest player from the team who did not put the ball out of play. The exception to this rule is for a shot on goal when possession is given to the player nearest the ball when it goes out of bounds regardless of which team they are on. The pitch length will not be full size
  6. For a major foul, a player must stand 4m behind the person that they fouled, giving them the ball.
  7. For a minor foul a player must stand 1m to the side the person they fouled, giving them the ball
  8. Major Fouls
    1. This is a non-contact game:
    2. Barging: a player must not charge/push into an opponent using elbow or body, regardless of who has the ball.
    3. Warding Off: a player may not remove one hand from their stick and uses their free arm to fend off an opponent.
    4. Stick contact: a player’s stick must not make contact with their opponent’s body.
    5. Blocking: a player may not initiate contact by moving into the path of an opponent with the ball, without giving that player a chance to stop or change direction.
    6. Dangerous Shot: Shooting must be controlled, with no shooting through players.
    7. Dangerous propelling: Occurs when a player flicks the ball, either in the air or on the ground without having full control of the ball.
    8. Three Seconds: A defender may not stand within the eleven-meter arc in front of goal for more than three seconds, unless they are closely marking an opponent (a stick and one arms length away)
    9. Shooting space: a defender may not move into the space between and attacker and the goal when the attacker is going to shoot; the defender must move towards the player, not into their shooting space. The shooting space rule comes into play once the player with the ball crosses the 15 metre line.
    10. Misconduct: Occurs when a player conducts themselves in a rough, dangerous or unsportsman-like manner, persistently cause an infringement of the rules, or deliberately endangers the safety of opposing players.
    11. Body Ball: If the ball comes off of any part of any player’s body to their own advantage, then possession is given to the opposing team. (This rule does not apply if the player is not being challenged for the ball; no advantage is gained).
    12. Covering: Occurs when a player puts their stick over the ball to prevent others picking it up.
    13. Empty stick check: Occurs when a player checks an opponent’s stick when they are not in possession of the ball.
    14. Goal Circle Fouls: Occurs when any part of an offensive or defensive player’s body or stick, except that of the goalkeeper, enters the goal circle touching the floor. No player, other than the goalie may enter the goal crease. However if a player’s stick remains in the air, it is acceptable.
    15. If the attacking team enters the goal circle, the ball is given to the goal keeper, who then has ten seconds to clear the ball the one of their team mates whilst remaining in the goal circle. The goal-keeper may leave the goal circle with the ball, after which, the ten second rule does not apply and the goal-keeper may hold the ball like a normal player (5 seconds). The goal-keeper may not re-enter the goal circle whilst carrying the ball
    16. If the defending team enters the goal circle, the attacking team take possession of the ball on the 15 metre line, level with the goal.
    17. If it is unclear which team should be in possession of the ball, then a toss is done. This is when the two players are placed side-by-side 1m apart. The umpire stands in front of them and throws the ball in-between them. On the whistle the two players both.