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Intramural Sport Intramural Sport

IMS Swimming

No University / High Performance Swimmers or Triathletes, lifesavers, waterpolo players.

Points Scale ‘A’

Entry lists required 1 Week prior to Event

Venue: Swimming Pool


1. The competition will be run on a team basis, each Hall entering TWO competitors for each event. Each Hall will provide only ONE team for the relays.

2. Two competitors from the same Hall cannot swim in the same heat.

3a. Each swimmer will be timed and their time recorded. This time will be compared with the times of swimmers in the other heats. The 8 fastest swimmers will swim in the final, with 8 points for 1st place, 7 for 2nd, 6 for 3rd and so on down to 8th place.

b. Each swimmer taking part in the competition will gain ONE point that will go towards the final total providing that they finish the race.

4. A competitor may enter a maximum of THREE events + ONE relay.

5. In the event of a tie in the final placings, the Intramural points will be divided equally.

6. All competitors must be able to swim 100 metres unaided.



Schedule will depend on number of entries, but the rough format is as follows:

Women’s 50m Backstroke Heats

Men’s 50m Backstroke Heats

Women’s 50m Breaststroke Heats

Men’s 50m Breaststroke Heats

Women’s 50m Butterfly Heats

Men’s 50m Butterfly Heats

Women’s 50m Freestyle Heats

Men’s 50m Freestyle Heats

Medley Relay Heats

Freestyle Relay Heats

Women’s 50m Backstroke Final

Men’s 50m Backstroke Final

Women’s 50m Breaststroke Final

Men’s 50m Breaststroke Final

Women’s 50m Butterfly Final

Men’s 50m Butterfly Final

Women’s 50m Freestyle Final

Men’s 50m Freestyle Final

Medley Relay Final

Freestyle Relay Final



i) Events will be held in the 50m Pool. All competitors should take their University ID cards with them to gain admission.

ii) If a swimmer gains a place in the final but is then unable to take part, a replacement is not permitted, the swimmer(s) will gain ONE point as if s/he had come last in the Consolation Final.