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IMS Netball Cup Final: Elvyn Richards 14-24 Telford

The IMS Netball Cup Final drew in an impressive crowd as the top two netballing halls battled it out to take the IMS Netball Cup home in its second year. Telford stormed ahead after a slow start from Elvyn but managed to maintain their lead all the way through the game to take home a comprehensive victory 24-14. 

The game started fast and Telford were soon 4-0 up within a few minutes, with Elvyn unable to cope with the slick passing and accurate shooting from the Telford attack. It wasn’t long, however, before Elvyn started showing why they won the league so comfortably this year, and they soon fought back with three goals to make it 5-3 at the end of the first quarter.


The start of the second quarter saw a fierce 10 minute period in which both halls traded blows equally. Each hall, backed by large support in the stands, were cheered with every goal that was scored. Telford added 4 goals to their previous 5 whilst Elvyn responded with 3 of their own to leave the score at 9-6 to Telford by half time.


The 3rd quarter saw both teams open up, Elvyn looking to get back into the game were taking more risks and Telford were keen to extend their precarious 3 point lead. Despite their risks in breaking forward, Elvyn Richards only managed to score an extra 2 goals and Telford, who successfully managed to exploit this tactic, scored a further 6 goals to leave the score at the end of the third quarter 15-8.


Elvyn needed a huge fourth quarter to get back into the game, with a 7 point deficit they had nothing to lose and changed formation before going all out on the attack. The tactic seemed to work to begin with, their new goal shooter scored a couple of early goals and it looked as though Telford were on the ropes. The girls in green recovered, however and went on to score a further 9 goals and were out of sight by the final buzzer. Telford winning 24-14 overall.


Cue made celebrations in the stands and on the pitch, congratulations to Telford on their victory and commiserations to Elvyn Richards, who showed great sportsmanship throughout.