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Intramural Sport Intramural Sport

IMS Canoeing

(Closed Competition)

Points Scale ā€˜Dā€™


1. The event will be run by the University Canoe Club

2. Teams will be made up of 4, this has to include at least one girl. Points will be allocated for each activity based on fastest time, with the winning team to get the highest points. The hall with the highest point score overall wins. A bonus 5 points maybe assigned from the organiser for each activity to one team and one team only, that showed immense support and spirit throughout the activity.

3. The competition will take the form of 4 activities all of which take place in the swimming pool. Each activity will include every member of the team and will involve some problem solving and logistics. All four of the activities are a form of relay. Depending on number of halls who turn out, 3 to 5 halls will go against each other at any one time.

4. Boats and their equipment will be provided. Competitors should wear t-shirt and shorts over swimming costume. Towel to keep warm in between activities is recommended.

5. Competitors must be able to swim 50 metres unaided in the clothing they will wear for the whole event. Competitors will be asked to swim 50 metres at start of the event. All competitors will be asked to demonstrate their ability to get into and out of kayak as well as perform a capsize. Everyone will have the same tuition from coaches before the event commences. Both the swim and capsize etc occur on same evening as event.

6. The event will be closed to all canoeists that competed for the University or SU teams, and/or held any British Canoe Union ranking in the current or previous years whilst at Loughborough University. It will also include anyone who has competed for the University at Canoe Polo and all those who hold a BCU 3 star award in any discipline.

7. The starting time for the event is expected to be 8.00 p.m. till 10.00pm and will be confirmed prior to the day. Registration of teams is at 7.45pm meeting in the reception of the swimming pool.