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The Night of the Year… IMS Awards 2016

The annual IMS awards ceremony brought our packed calendar to a close last week, with over 300 people packing into a transformed room 1 at the students union to celebrate the best of the intramural sport programme.



The night began with a PIMM’s reception before the lucky invitees made their way into room 1, greeting IMS chair Keziah Green to the stage as she addressed the crowd for the start of a memorable night, recounting memorable moments from throughout the year.


Again, the programme has grown considerably from last year. From changes to the rugby programme ensuring more matches for each hall, to the introduction of our varsity fixture against Durham, IMS has seen many changes. First up were the cup winners, with Cayley and Telford winning the football and netball cup after fierce competition in the semi-finals and final matches, both games saw unprecedented crowds watching IMS, with spectators turning up in their hundreds.


Next up came the D sports, special mention going to David Collett taking wins in both table tennis and Rock-it-ball, whilst Hazlerigg-Rutland took victory in the tug-of-war after numerous second place finishes in various leagues and one day events. These victories were a massive achievement for both halls, who should be commended on their ability to field such strong teams.


A congratulations should also go to the AU Rugby and AU Rowing clubs, who won best run IMS leagues and one day events. The Rugby league has grown exponentially this year with every game being covered by a volunteer student referee. Our indoor rowing event also turned out to be one of the best events of the year, with members of the AU club supporting each and every hall with technique and motivation. Without the help of the AU clubs, we could not provide such professionally run leagues for all our halls.

The IMS exec then presented halls with the C, B and A sport awards, a congratulatory note to Towers, who won the inaugural indoor rowing event with strong efforts from both the male and female teams, and to Rutherford, who came away with the victory for Men’s Cricket, following on from their strong performance last year in the same competition. The standout congratulations in the A league must go to Falkner-Eggington, who went undefeated all year in the men’s basketball competition (also taking victory in the Durham Varsity match).


Following the announcement of the team sports, It was time for the individual awards. Prior to this, however was a thank you to the old exec (Andy Ramsden, Ben Westhead, Beth Boxall and Mark Handley), they were brought onto stage for a standing ovation and presented with their thank you gifts for all their hard work this year.

Sportsman, Sportswoman, Male Sport Sec and Female Sport Sec were also announced, congratulations to the following:


Following the A sports and individual awards, it was time for the most improved and overall winners. Harry French (men) and Elvyn Richards (women) took the pheonix (most improved) awards, brilliant achievements from both halls and one which brought their overall placings up massively.

The overall men’s trophy went to Towers, who have performed incredibly in a number of leagues and one day events this year and deservedly took the award. The overall women’s trophy was taken by Telford, who performed particularly well in leagues and the netball cup.


The final award of the night, and the most prestigious, went to a hall that has performed strongly across the board in both the leagues and the one day events. This hall finished 15th only a few years previously and have seen an upward trajectory thanks to the hard work and dedication of a number of sport secs in the past few years. The overall winners for IMS 2015/2016 is Telford.


A massive thank you to all players, coaches, sport secs and volunteers on making this the best year in IMS yet.