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Intramural Sport Intramural Sport


Please note that any exceptions to these generic rules will be listed in the rules for each individual sport (please see your Sport Sec for further details).

To play in IMS you must be a current student. You can not play an IMS sport if you are a member of an AU club in the same sport. Also ineligible are students who play for teams other than the University during term time which is of the same standard as the university team or higher. Complete ineligibility rules for every sport are distributed to Sport Secs at the start of each year.

There are exceptions to these rules, and you can apply for eligibility through the following channels:

If you have played AU sport this year, you or your sport sec can apply to the IMS executive committee to play IMS if you meet the following criteria:


Hall team eligibility

– Only undergraduates, resident postgraduate students and resident subwardens in the student Halls, may take part in Intramural sport for that Hall- and only that hall in which they reside.

– Postgraduates will represent the Hall in which they reside, or if they do not reside within a Hall they can decide which they officially affiliate to (N.B. Forest Court do not have an IMS team and can therefore affiliate to any hall).

– If, for any reason, or at any time, a player is transferred to another Hall they are then eligible, and only eligible, to play for their new Hall.

– Any student living out of the University halls / lives in private accommodation may become affiliated to any hall in order to play. Any outlying cases can be discussed with the IMS exec at the sport sec meeting.

– Undergraduate students who have not previously lived in on-campus accommodation can chose to affiliate to any hall.

Fieldng an ineligible player

– In the event of a team fielding an ineligible player, the offending team will receive zero points and the game will be scored as a walkover for the non-offending team- it will also lead to 5-10 docked points dependent on the circumstances.

– However, ineligible players may be brought in at short notice to enable the game to take place, and must be declared before the match, BUT, the result will always be taken as a win to the non-offending side with the offending team receiving loser’s points.

– These rules will be strictly applied by the IMS executive committee in co-operation with the Athletic Union Clubs. Halls fielding ineligible players will forfeit any points gained.

– Problems or complaints concerning eligibility should be taken, in the first instance, to the Sports Secretary of the offending Hall. If this fails to resolve the issue, then it should be brought up before the IMS Executive Committee with the relevant facts to support the case. Any query on eligibility must be raised within SEVEN days of the match. If a player is deemed ineligible, then the hall will receive zero points for that fixture. For one day events, any case of an illegible players will result in the hall being disqualified from the event.

– In the case of swimming and athletics, an ineligible player will result in disqualification from any event they compete in.