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Delays, Rearrangements and Cancellations


All programmed matches must be played at the time and on the day shown, unless the facility is not available or the weather precludes it. There will be no changes for any other reason.

If a match is to be called off due to the weather or the state of the pitch, it is the responsibility of the captains to meet at the appropriate time and place to confirm this decision. This will also facilitate the transfer of matches where appropriate by the Sports Development Centre. Failure to do this will result in the match being declared void.

In the event of a snowfall, activities on the any outdoor area will cease until the snow has been cleared. Re-scheduled matches will be published on sportpad, and Halls informed as soon as possible.

Teams failing to turn up for matches: 

Halls not turning up for a match will lose 5 IMS points unless the opposing team has been informed that they cannot field a team. This to be done either in writing/phone 2 hours prior to the start of the match. Failure to do so will result in the offending hall being giving an uninformed walkover.

Both Halls must contact the IMS Vice chair to inform them of the walkover being informed or uninformed.

Both Halls should acknowledge a walk-over when entering results. Failing this, a walk-over claim will be accepted if no objection has been received by the results deadline.

If a Hall fails to take part in a Confirmed Entry event once it has formally entered, IMS points will be deducted from that Hall.

Void Matches: void match results will be dealt with the same way as uninformed walkovers.



Games may not be rearranged in any league or One Day Event Competition. Sport Secretaries can swap fixture times if the following procedure is adhered to:

a). All Halls confirm they are happy to swap

b). The IMS Exec are notified

Rearrangements may only occur if:

a). The IMS Exec are notified at least 24 hours before the booking (If the game is on the weekend it must be before Friday 12pm)

b). The Exec can and are able to get officials out for the game

c). The support Staff member is able to open the booking to general use as to not waste facility space

d). It must agreed by both halls before the Exec are approached (This still must occur before the 24 hour cut off)

If any of the above are not completed then the fixture must go ahead as per the original slot.