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Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball – Mixed one day event



1. The competition will be played on a pools basis with secondary knock out pools to provide the final placing’s for the competition.

2. a) Matches will be played over 3 sets playing to 21 (by 2 clear points)

b) Teams will have a maximum of 6 players on court at one time, 3 male and 3 female players.

c) Substitutes will be allowed as laid down in the rules of volleyball. Each team will be allowed three substitutions per set and a single time-out per set.

d) 4 substitutions per team

e) There will be an opportunity to warm up for approximately five minutes prior to the official starting time.

3. Captains will toss for choice of service or ends.

4. A team gaining a walk-over will be deemed to have won 3-0.