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Badminton – Mixed League


Points Scale: League
(Games require 6 players, however teams may play with less, 4 Players minimum- if teams play with 4 players they automatically forfeit 3/9 games)
Venue: Badminton Centre
Sunday: 11am – 3pm
1. The competition will be played on a pools basis with secondary pools based on primary pool rankings to provide the final placings in the competition.
2. Teams will consist of three mixed pairs, with each pair playing each opposing pair. Pairs designated A1 to 3 and B1 to 3 (below).
3. Fixtures must be played on the date and at the time stated.
4. The match will be decided on the basis of nine games.
5. Each game will be played to 21 points (NEW RULES), scoring may occur on either pair’s serve.
6. Order of Play: Round1 Round 2 Round 3 A1 v B1 A1 v B2 A1 v B3 A2 v B2 A2 v B3 A2 v B1 A3 v B3 A3 v B1 A3 v B2
7. A team winning by a walkover will be deemed to have won by a score of 9 – 0. In the event of a tie for positions within the pool, the ratio of games for and against will be used to break the tie. (It is essential therefore, to play all games in a match and to record the results as if necessary, the result of the match between the tying halls will be used).
8. The first named team will be responsible for providing and selecting the speed of the shuttles.