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Holywell Fitness Cen... Holywell Fitness Centre

Mythbusters for staff

1-2-1.1Will I not be surrounded by elite sportspeople making me feel inadequate?

Holywell Fitness Centre has been purposely designed and created to ensure all students, staff and campus partners can train and work out in a non-threatening environment, whatever your level.

Do I have to be a student to become a member?

Gym memberships, fitness classes and structured activities are available to all students, staff members and campus partners.

As Loughborough is really sporty will it not be really busy?

Holywell Fitness Centre peak hours are from 6pm – 8pm when students usually training in the gym following a day of lectures. However early morning (open from 6.30 am) and lunch times are normally quieter and provide a great time to train as part of the working day.

Why would I go to the gym and get all hot and sweaty before an important meeting?

The facilities at Holywell Fitness Centre include showers, hair dryer and spacious changing rooms, including large lockers that have been purposely designed to help working people enjoy the gym, but still look and feel professional for when they go to work.

I don’t want to join a gym, but I do want to attend classes and/or swim in the pool?

As a member of the Holywell Fitness Centre, 75+ fitness classes each week and use of the 50m swimming pool are included in your membership.

Want to know more? Call the team on 01509 228 800 to find out more!