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Friends of Tennis


Loughborough Tennis has consistently produced a strong network of players, many of whom have made significant impacts in Tennis after leaving the Colleges/University. Whilst Roger Draper (Ex CEO LTA) and Jez Green (Andy Murray’s fitness coach) might be the best known, there are alumni in senior positions throughout tennis across a range of professions; coaching, sports science, conditioning, management, administration. As important is the fact that many alumni continue to play tennis competitively, whilst others play for fitness and recreation.

1982 all four teams UAU (BUSC) champions

We hope the Loughborough Sporting Club will be a vehicle to meet your needs, building on what was for many of us a great time – our student days, or, for those parents and friends, your association with Loughborough.

‘The Sporting Club will help to reunite Alumni and current members, there are some fantastic stories to share and great memories, so make sure you get in touch!’

Terence Kavanagh, Lead Member

“I am delighted to welcome you to the Friends of Tennis. The Loughborough Sporting Club is a terrific initiative and I think tennis lends itself to the aims because so many people stay in touch through playing, watching and even working in the game.

For most of us, our years at Loughborough were very happy years and it is great that we can stay in touch with what is happening now, whilst at the same time enjoying our friendships and our memories”

Roger Draper, Patron

Chair: Chris Harwood

Communications: Andy Bird

Lead members:

Terence Kavanagh
Anne Meredith (nee Simpkin)
Clyde Williams

Corresponding members
(members who have agreed to help but are too distant to attend meetings):

Jon Pankhurst
Roy Pankhurst
Stuart Searle

Ex-officio: Rod Thorpe