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Friends of Other


Chair: Rod Thorpe 

Lead Member: Radha Balani

Lead Member: Mel Handford

Whilst at this time we may not have enough members for a Friends Group for your sport, you would be most welcome to join us at  any of the events. Also we need your help.

As we are intending to build a more complete history of sport at Loughborough we would welcome a paragraph on your time at Loughborough in your sport. Who coached, captains, significant results, characters, trips, major events, etc. Also for the older members what facilities did you use? AND of course if you have any photographs please send them in with dates and names of people.

We are delighted to announce that a Friends of Netball will start on 1st March 2013.

Please remember we can only set up new Friends groups when we have over 20 members and people who can give some time. The two key people needed on the Committee are the Chair who gives direction and motivation and the Communications Lead who will receive your stories, post articles and news and shape the website.

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(Names will be updated bimonthly starting April 1st)